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We at Collingdale Family Dentistry are committed to treating all of our patients with the most up to date materials and philosophies.  Each of us attends Continuing Education courses on a regular basis.  After much course work, research and effort Tooth Colored/Composite Resin Fillings (Bonding) have become the material of choice in this office over Mercury Fillings (Amalgam).

Both types of fillings have been used in the past and there are still some rare applications for amalgam – which we will still follow.  However, the bonded restoration for this generation is now the filling of choice.  Because a bonded filling adheres to the tooth, less drilling is needed.  In many cases a bonded filling replaces the need for a crown (cap). With amalgam, undercuts have to be drilled into the tooth for retention thereby weakening the tooth in the long run.  In the past bonding was not strong enough for the bite without fracturing the filling, but now the materials are stronger than amalgam.  Along with the unresolved mercury controversy surrounding amalgam, one can see how it is easy to replace amalgam with bonding.

Bonding, however, involves many steps – making the procedure take 25% longer than amalgam. It also makes the cost 25% higher,  but with less drilling. longer lifespan of the filling, and certainly better esthetics, this cost is well justified.

As dentists we must not let the insurance companies dictate our treatment methods.   Some Insurance companies will downgrade the bonded filling coverage to amalgam filling fee and you are required to pay the difference.  Some will cover the bonded filling at 100%.  Some are obviously in the middle.  We treat all of our patients alike  – whether you have insurance, HMO, cash, etc.  We also recognize that every patient has different needs, perspectives, and financial resources.  Every patient can feel free to discuss with us your treatment options and seek second opinions.  Please know that we are dedicated to making all of your dental experiences positive ones.

Yours in the interest of better dental health,

Dr. Michael Cooperstein      Dr. Maria Capacio      Dr. Julie Haveri


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